"The Man in The Moon Shadow"


"Your passion came through loud and clear!

Maureen J. Keene
Keene Commercial

Dave Balch has experienced 14 total eclipses of the sun (plus 4 annular eclipses) on six continents, three islands, and two cruise ships.

He has also inspired and motivated thousands with his book and presentations based on caring for his wife since 2002 through her ongoing battles with breast cancer. (This, too, played a big part in his eclipse-chasing.)

as experienced 9 total eclipses of the sun on 4 continents and two islands.  He intends to go to every eclipse for the rest of his life, no matter where they are in the world.

Dave draws on his passion for nature's greatest spectacle to illustrate life's greatest lessons about being more effectivereducing stress, and handling crisis.  These unique and memorable programs include exciting eclipse video, slides, and music which will leave you educated, fascinated, tantalized, and mesmerized!


How to Stand in the Shadow of the Moon
Everything You Need to Know for America's 2017 Eclipse of the Sun

Getting from Burned-Out to Pumped Up
How to Pursue Passion to Stifle Stress

WOW! The Most Incredible Thing You'll Ever See
What It's Like and What It Takes to Experience a Total Eclipse of the Sun

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