Dave Balch has extensive experience

that makes him uniquely qualified

to help you meet your goals


Dave Balch has experienced 14 total eclipses of the sun (plus 4 annular eclipses) on six continents, three islands, and two cruise ships.

He has also inspired and motivated thousands with his book and presentations based on caring for his wife since 2002 through her ongoing battles with breast cancer. (This, too, played a big part in his eclipse-chasing.)

Dave Balch is a veteran eclipse chaser even while supporting his wife through four successful battles with breast cancer, starting a new career helping other family caregivers, writing a book, and taking care of a ranch, two horses, two cats, two dogs, and a really mean parrot.

Dave started with a backyard telescope when he was 10 (yes, telescopes had been invented then) which is when he first learned about eclipses and thought they sounded “neat.” In 1979 on a trip to Lake Tahoe, he saw television coverage of a total eclipse occurring near Portland, OR. He vowed right then and there that he would go to the next eclipse no matter where it was in the world, which took him to Kenya the following year. He was officially bitten by the eclipse bug. He now has 18 eclipses under his belt; 4 annular and 14 total. Eclipse travels have taken him to 29 countries on six continents plus 2 islands and 2 cruise ships.

After his wife’s diagnosis of breast cancer in 2002, Dave wrote a book and began a new career as a professional speaker, traveling around the country giving presentations about life challenges to patients, family caregivers, and medical professionals.

In 2000 Dave began lecturing on the eclipse experience at planetariums and astronomy clubs, and adopted the moniker “The Man in the Moon Shadow.” He even developed a motivational presentation using his eclipse experiences to illustrate how putting passion in one part of your life adds energy and enthusiasm to all parts of your life: “Getting From Burned-Out to Pumped-Up”

His two worlds of eclipses and cancer collided in 2002 when an eclipse in South Africa coincided with his wife’s cancer treatment but he was able to arrange for his wife’s care and still go. (His wife’s care and well-being is his top priority, but Dave has managed eight eclipse adventures since her diagnosis without compromising her care in the least.)

Eclipses and cancer collided again in 2006 when his wife’s cancer spread to her brain and she couldn’t go with him on the Mediterranean eclipse cruise they had planned. She said, “You better find some other way to see this eclipse because you aren’t missing one because of me!” So began a round-trip odyssey from Los Angeles to Turkey in 67 hours, 30 of which were on a plane!

Dave intends to go to every total eclipse for the rest of his life.

“As an astronomer with 43+ years of professional experience, I came to know Dave Balch more than two decades ago in our mutual pursuit of total solar eclipses around the world. In that time, I’ve found him to be a man of exceptional integrity, commitment and generosity.

“In addition, I’ve become impressed not only by his understanding of these rare and strikingly beautiful celestial events, but by his ability to communicate this effectively with the lay public. On three eclipse trips that we’ve done together I’ve seen him help others who have never before experienced these awesome celestial events, and always with passion, humor and patience.  In addition to his one-on-one or small group interactions, I’ve seen him as an engaging public speaker who is skilled at keeping an audience interested and inspired.

“This August the U.S. will enjoy its first total solar eclipse in 38 years, I look forward to seeing him help many thousands more understand and safely enjoy this once-in-a lifetime opportunity.”

Dennis Mammana, Astronomer/Owner
Borrego Night Sky Tours

"You really wowed us with your depiction of what it's like to experience a total eclipse.Your participation helped make the conference a huge success."

Paula Berinstein
Ventura County Astronomical Society

“… I saw a raptly interested crowd hanging on your every word. The following question and answer period showed you must have touched something within them.”

Brian V. Staples, Vice-President
San Diego Astronomy Association

“Oregon Eclipse 2017 couldn't have a better speaker than you.  What a compliment to you and all you have contributed to public understanding of astronomy and eclipses. Have a lot of fun.  I know your audience will when they hear you.”

Mark Littmann, Ph.D., co-author Totality, Professor
University of Tennessee

“Well-communicated, motivating and fun. (I observed many audience members jotting down notes.) You definitely inspired us.”

Jodi Bernstein, Corporate Recruiter
Headway Corporate Staffing Services

"The visuals were great and well received. I heard several ‘Wow’s’ and ‘Whoa’s”

VJ Sleight
Total Financial Services

“You took an unusual topic and made it exciting, powerful, dynamic, and kept your audience locked in on your high energy and positive delivery. You were brilliant.”

Jim Zinger, CSP
Hypmovation, Inc.