Total Eclipse of the Sun

"The Man in The Moon Shadow"

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What can you and your organization learn about stress, productivity, and life from nature's greatest spectacle, a total eclipse of the sun?

A lot!

Dave Balch is an eclipse-chaser who has traveled to 29 countries on six continents in pursuit of 18 eclipses of the sun. Through his adventures, he learned valuable lessons and insights about:

  • Adventure: see the world from a different perspective and embrace the unknown with optimism
  • Commitment: create goals that motivate you
  • Perseverance: to reach your goals you must keep going no matter what
  • Flexibility: roll with the punches in order to minimize setbacks
  • Passion: generate energy and enthusiasm that affects what you think , say, and do

His experiences will inspire, motivate, and enable you to:

  • Reduce stress by focusing on passion and optimism
  • Develop teamwork through specialization and division of responsibilities
  • Improve productivity by generating energy and enthusiasm
  • Get better results through perseverance and determination
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"You took an unusual topic and made it exciting, powerful,
 dynamic, and kept your audience locked  in on your
high energy and positive delivery. You were brilliant."
Jim Zinger, CSP
Hypmovation, Inc.

Dave Balch has experienced 15 total eclipses of the sun (plus 4 annular eclipses) on six continents, three islands, and two cruise ships.

He has also inspired and motivated thousands with his book and presentations based on caring for his wife since 2002 through her ongoing battles with breast cancer. (This, too, played a big part in his eclipse-chasing.)

Unique and Memorable Presentations with IMPACT

Dave will captivate, inspire, and motivate you with profound insights drawn from nature's greatest spectacle, a total eclipse of the sun.  You will experience a total eclipse for yourself through exciting video, slides, and music as he shares what he has learned about:

  • dealing with crisis and stress
  • being more effective at work and at home
  • appreciating, enjoying, and participating in life as it happens
  • the importance of pursuing passion

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