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Dave Balch


Dave Balch has run a full-time home business since 1982, during which time he generated over $5 million.  He has learned a lot about what works and what doesn't when running a home business and is now a full time speaker and consultant, dedicated to helping others achieve what they want to achieve.

He is also a avid solar eclipse chaser, having experienced 8 total eclipses on four continents and two islands.  He intends to go to every total eclipse for the rest of his life, no matter where they occur, and is convinced that this passion was a significant factor in his business success.  Passion in leisure generates energy and enthusiasm that spills into your work, which is the basic message in his "Be a Nut!" presentation.

Dave was always industrious and self-motivated.  On his 12th birthday (the minimum age) he began a paper route which he kept for four years, getting up at 4:30 a.m. four days a week to fold and deliver 225 papers, first on his bicycle and later, on his motorcycle  Dave received his Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Business Data Processing and has spent his entire adult working life as a computer professional.  (Until now!)  First, he spent 15 years working his way through the ranks of corporate computer divisions.  Then, in 1982, Dave formed A Few Good People, Inc. and in 1983 he developed a software product for the corporate market.  He now markets, maintains, and supports this product for over 100 corporate clients in five countries from his ranch in the mountains of Southern California, which he shares with his wife, two horses, two dogs, four cats, and a parrot.  Through personal experience and extensive study, he has lots of ideas on productivity, attitude, and just plain-old having fun and he wants to share them in the hope that, by doing so, he can help others realize their dreams as he did. 

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